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Just thought I would drop you a note. I bought a pint of your 2 part Gas Tank Sealer and could not be happier. I had damaged my $1,300 Ducati motorcycle tank and had a small leak. Rather than buy a new one I gave your product a try. It worked excellently. Not only did you fix my problem, you have a new customer. I will tell anyone I can about your product. I am sold. Thank You. Jon Harkrider

I bought your kit a couple of years ago. You have my testimonial and use my pictures in your restoration gallery. I have now replated about 45 antique guns and not yet had a bad finish. I have made a small fortune buying and restoring these old guns. People are amazed at the before and after finish. I want to thank you again for a great product that actually works better then what you advertise!!!!!! Your nickel kit has made it possible to keep these old guns from going to the junk heap or parts bin and is keeping them as part of our history. Dave Szilagy E. T. Inc.

I recently purchased your regular nickel plating kit, and plated my first antique outboard motor part yesterday. It came out absolutely beautiful. I followed your manual instructions and it sure paid off. I'm looking forward to the challenge of plating many different parts of odd sizes and shapes. I have no doubt that the quality of my restorations will be greatly enhanced. Thanks for a great product. Bob Peterson

I am a watchmaker in Scottsdale, Arizona and I specialize in restorations of fine antique watches and clocks. I was recently commissioned to restore a one-of-a-kind French clock, Ca. 1860 which was ornamented with hand-made, gilded accents. The original gold was long gone due to improper handling and (Yecch!) Brasso. Because the clock is irreplaceable as are the hand-made accent pieces, I did not feel comfortable in sending them to another state for plating because of the possibility of loss or damage. I bought one of your Plug N' Plate™ kits to see if I could achieve a good finish at my own bench. Your product totally exceeded my expectations! It is easy to use, put down a uniform layer of beautiful 24k gold (after proper cleaning of the pieces of course) and the clock is simply stunning. Your products have opened-up the door to yet another service I can offer my clients. Thank you very much for making such a fine, fun and easy to use product which yields excellent results! John Crabtree

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your little brush plating kit. It worked as advertised and your delivery was very quick. Your prices are WAY lower than the next supplier on the internet and I am delighted to have discovered your service. I look forward to additional purchases. Richard J. Bourgeois, M.D.

This (online) manual gave me more than expected. All articles were very explanatory and well explained. The manual was well worth the investment. Thank You. Pat Parr

You guys are the best. I've been gold plating vintage jewelry with the Fast Gold and words can't describe how well your product works. Pete Callinicos

I just wanted to send a note to say you guy's are running a damn good business. I was going to check out some other companies, but nobody can match your prices, quality, fast orders and shipping it from your door to mine. Thanks! You are one company I can rely on. David Zumbach

This Electroless Krome™ deal is the bees knees. Heck, I screwed it up BAD and it still worked. I wasn't paying enough attention at the beginning and didn't RTFM (read the flippin' manual) correctly. I mixed the wrong chemicals together and it still worked. In SPITE of my best efforts I still managed to get a nice result. I'll be using this product more and more methinks. Go ahead and spend $63.00 and get the 2 liter starter kit. It works. You'll like it. Jim Deatsch

I am a supervisor for a major call center and customer service is my business. I want to take the time to tell you that your customer service levels are extraordinary. Receiving the UPS tracking number through e-mail allowed me to pro-actively contact my end user with the shipping details. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. Thank you again. Carolyn Hastings, via E-Mail

Just found your site today and have to say it's one of the easiest to navigate in. Everything is logical to me and comes up quickly. I really appreciate that. Thanks much. - Steve Edwards, via E-Mail

I'm just thrilled with the speedy shipping (to upstate NY), and the lovely plating. I wear silver splints on my arthritic fingers , but I prefer gold - unfortunately, the cost is 4x the silver cost. Ta da! Plating to the rescue. The rings came out beautifully, and it only took 1 hour from UPS delivery to gleaming finished product. - KH, by E-Mail.


I just wanted to thank you for a fine product. I just received my Plug N' Plate™ gold plater yesterday and have already used it and am amazed by the results. I am a coin collector and not to long ago I bought a gold plated year set from a historical society and was not real impressed by the quality, its the main reason I bought the kit, so I decided to give your kit a try. For $38.00 I didn't really have much to lose, but the first set I plated looks so good it makes the ones I bought look really cheap. I also like how fast and easy it is, anyone buying one of your kits should be plating small items like a pro in no time. By the way this is the first time I have ever plated anything so I am a beginner so it shows how easy it is. Thanks again and I look forward to trying some of your other plating kits i.e.. Silver, nickel etc. Regards Brian Jorgensen via e-mail.

Just a note to say thank you for providing such good products. I finally fired up the regular nickel plating system yesterday and am simply amazed with the results. I figured I would be able to make it work given your instructions, but never did I expect it would work so well nor so easy! I created a work center per suggestions, including a used crock-pot from a Goodwill Store for the SP solution. I also prepared in advance a variety of antique lamp parts. Wow, what can be done to restore items that would otherwise be junk. And, best of all, it's fun! Your simple but effective materials and methods are a joy to work with. My wife is even interested enough to want to try restoring some old jewelry so I am going to order Gold Brushing Solution for her. Thanks again. Jim Albers via e-mail.

I am very impressed with the results of the Black Oxide and Copy Cad systems. Thanks for the great products. I am very satisfied. Rick Pink, via e-mail.

When I received your Zinc Plating Kit I read the instructions completely and found them informative, complete and easy to understand. In my opinion, I have turned out plating of material superior to what I have been able to obtain from the commercial platers that I have used in the San Francisco bay area. Steve Kramer, Show Chairman, Northern California National Corvette Restorer's Society.

Ivec Inc. deeply appreciates you service and support. We are pleased to recommend your firm to our customers. RA Bozart, Sales Engineer, Ivec Inc.

I just tried your Copy Cad Kit last night for the first time. Lots of fun, and worked very well! Roger Los, via e-mail.

I consider the (electroless nickel) process a success. The kit appears ideal for a myriad of small items. Tom Brownell, This Old Truck Magazine.

Caswell offers kits that will enable the home restorer to apply plated finishes that will rival the best commercial jobs. Skinned Knuckles Magazine.

It's a fact that the first few pieces pay for the kit, the rest is gravy! When I get one of my finished cars out in the spring and to shows I will be preaching for you. Henry Woronko, Quebec, Canada

The Gas Tank Sealer kit looks like a more durable alternative to Kreem, and it is quite easy to install. Carlton Larsen, Sask, Canada

Over this weekend I set up and run a series of parts (with the Copy Cad Kit) The results were a finish that very closely matched the original finish. I am, to say the least, very pleased. Ellis Holman, via e-mail.

After searching all of Colombia University's libraries back to the 1800's, I can truly say that The Complete Plating Manual is the best resource for actually achieving electroplating success. George Manuel Maltezos, Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2001.

I've restored three circa 1950 motorbikes with your kits and saved a small fortune by bypassing the local plating houses. No waiting, great sense of self-accomplishment and a lot less expensive - Ron Dow, via e-mail.

For repair of leaking gas tanks, look at Caswell Electroplating in Miniature's web site. Their two-part epoxy gas tank sealer is the best I've ever used. It's the cat's whiskers. - Found on a web discussion list.

I plated my first parts with your Nickel Plating Kit last night and they came out beautifully. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions during the past week. - Tim Langford, Holly Hill, FL.

Your electroless nickel plating kit works great on my small parts. - Ron Wallick

I congratulate you on your manual. It is very well done and easy to follow and has very good ideas - Mr Medlicott, Powys, Wales

Thank you for promptly filling my order for Gas Tank Sealer. The product worked as advertised. - John Roberts, via e-mail.

I just finished using your Copy Cad System for the first time. It was very easy to use and worked well on my first try. You have great products, support and an excellent web site. Keep growing. Hal Bourque via e-mail.

I have been using the Copy Cad Kit. It works great and exceeds my expectations. I have told many friends! - Bill Thompson, via e-mail.

I applied the Collinite Insulator Wax to the wheels of my '96 Collector's Edition Corvette last night. I am extremely pleased with the results. In fact, I may cross over from my dedicated use of Meguiar's No. 26 Yellow Wax in favor of this stuff. Steve Brown, VetteNet Member.

Your Copy Cad system has paid for itself many times over by allowing me to replate items that would have been thrown away. Thanks to you for your over the phone assistance and information. - Nelson Barlow, via e-mail.

A few weeks ago you sent me your gas tank sealer kit. In the meantime, I have tried it and I just wanted to tell you that IT'S A GREAT PRODUCT! It worked perfectly well! Now I have a perfect gas tank again for about 40 US$ (including spray paint etc.). A local repair shop wanted about 1000 bucks (no kidding!) for welding and repainting the tank . So, I guess I made a good deal. Thanks a lot for providing such a great product and also for your excellent service. - Aldo Hoermann, via e-mail.

I bought one of your (Plug N' Plate™) kits lately and I wanted to tell you how pleased I've been with it. So far its just done a great job and I couldn't be more satisfied. THANKS again for selling a really great product!!! - Will Moore, via e-mail.

We have purchased electroplating systems in the past and were greeted with various levels of results. We recently (spring of 99) purchased a complete system from you and I want to say that we are absolutely delighted with our results! We finally have a system that produces results that we expect! Thanks again for a great product that really delivers! - Ron Nulph, Aviation Maintenance Technology Teacher, Yakima, Washington.

I needed to restore parts that had been Cadmium Plated and started by using a Cad kit from a UK supplier but did not find it very friendly or capable of plating to the quality I wanted. I saw Caswell's advertisement and decided to give COPY CAD a try. The results are very good and I can get a good depth of plate, better that the other kits. The finish quality is also good and is maintained even though I have replaced the anodes 3 times now. It will take some convincing to move me away from Caswell. - Barry Cooper of Barry Cooper Motorcycles in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, UK has been electroplating for the past 15 years.

I thought I would let you know I have just started to use you're ELECTROLESS Krome™ KIT 1.6 Lt. So far the results are excellent, it is as easy to use as you explained, thank you for an excellent product.- Robert Gardiner. Pontyberem Carms, UK

I originally used to use Eastwood products, but have purchased your 3lb bars and prefer your compounds to theirs. - Dean Germain, by e-mail.

Just to let you know that the first parts I plated using Copy Cad turned out beautiful. Thanks for your help. - Bart Vangie, via e-mail.

I was trying to find someone in my area to Parkerize a gun that I recently sporterized, nobody seems to do it. I purchased your kit and did it myself. I was impressed, it worked like a charm, it came out just like I wanted. Simple to use and good results. Thank You and good job. - Dan Toomey, via e-mail.

I got the pot metal primer electroless nickel and I'm no less than amazed. This kit is idiot proof and produces professional results without electricity. Incredible. And that manual is like a bible of plating. I love it. - Russell Dubuc, via e-mail.

My brief story is that I wanted to build a show 4 wheeler quad and I wanted to have shiny mirror like chrome parts. I wanted to see if there was a do it yourself kit so I browsed the Internet and found you. I was also budget conscious and didn’t want to spend a fortune on Chrome plating and your products were my obvious choice. It was a challenge in the beginning since I was a beginner with no knowledge. Your manuals were really good and very informative. Through a couple of trial and errors, I found myself catching on very quickly, and plating like a pro. I am very happy with your products and with my accomplishment. Your Copy Chrome® kit paid for itself in just a couple of parts that I did. - Mark Kornytchuk, via e-mail.

Your advice on recovering the zinc bath was correct. I fixed the anodes, filtered, plated a steel dummy and it returned to a normal, bright and shiny plate again. Thanks for your help. I really like this zinc kit. It's easy to use and my cars look great. Electroplating is a heck of a lot of fun too, I really enjoy this work. That pot metal solder is working well too. Now I can do some real repairs! - Russell Dubuc

I have just signed up for an on-line manual with which I am extremely pleased as it is exactly what I was looking for - i.e. long on practical advice with not too much electrochemical theory. - Stuart Clyens

The Plug N' Plate™ silver plating kit I purchased yesterday worked wonderfully. I read the directions in your kit, and the plating manual, then of course I did an experiment. I finished the piccolo key and I made a piccolo head crown out of brass and plated them. I prepped them by buffing them with tripoli compound, and rouge, then I degreased them using acetone, and carefully wiped them with a clean flannel cloth. Because the parts are so small, I decided not to use the wand. I took an old sterling silver ring as an anode and connected it to the power supply and the piccolo parts were clipped directly with the other alligator clip. I submersed both in the plastic jar, and turned on the power. It took just a few minutes. They did come out dark, and "smutty" as your manual says, but it wiped right off. - Matt Slauson

I've just been doing some cad and zinc plating with the kit I recently purchased from you. Although the manual seemed a little intimidating at first, once I read through it a couple of times and set up my tank the plating was fantastic.I'm restoring a 1951 Chevy and those 50 year old bolts and clips came out looking like I just bought them at the hardware store. Thank you for an excellent product. - Robert Runty

I recently purchased one of your nickel plating kits. I've only plated one project (45 screwdriver shanks) and I am very pleased with the results! I "roughly" followed the directions and got a fantastic finish the first time! I'm using the nickel plater to finish screwdriver shanks used for making reproduction Erector set screwdrivers (there actually is a market for them). In case you're interested, hit the site and go to the Tips & Tricks and look at NZ screwdriver reproductions. In that tutorial I don't plate the shanks; I've just recently started doing that. Under the same Tips & Tricks there is an article on "box latches" that mentions your Plug N' Plate™ brass kit. Thanks again for a great product. Bruce Hansen

I purchased some of your FastGold. It's fantastic. I've been gold plating for years now and it's the only gold soloution I'll be buying. Keep the great products coming. Thanks, Ken

My Plug N' Plate™ kits worked great and as described by you. FYI - I found I had no trouble plating over the cadmium already on the electrical contacts. David Cole

I sat down and actually read your entire plating manual last night and this morning. It is very informative. I feel like a plating expert and I haven't even started plating yet! You did a very good job putting together the manual. I went from knowing nothing about plating to believing that I can make a go of this business. James Watson

I just wanted to let you know I received my polishing kit today and I am very happy. The buffer was great I was also very happy with fact that it wasn't very loud, a wonderful quiet hum I wanted to thank you for your help and the fact that you upgraded the kit for me. Your company's customer service is great. Again thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Chris Nuss

I had sent a note about burning up a power pack on the Copy Cad® kit. Thank you for sending another one. I learned a lot starting out with it and didn't know I could overload it. Now I do. I am very happy with it and think your service is first rate. Thank you, Gary Moore.

I will continue to use your products for both business and hobby use, and appreciate your commitment in providing small packages for the customer. After plating many parts for a friend of mine who is in the Mustang restoration business, he has decided to purchase the kits for himself and I have provided your contact information. Correct plating makes the difference in a concours restoration. Regards, Todd Hoffman

Just wanted to let you know we received the package today. Thanks so much for all of your help. I left you positive feedback on eBay, but just wanted to tell you personally, how much we appreciate doing business with someone like you, Thanks again! Look forward to doing business with your company in the future. Happy Holidays! Ron & Susie Russell

I purchased and used your Aluminum and Copper polishing kit on my cast aluminum motorcycle rims. It worked wonderfully! Thank you for selling me a great product. You guys run a very tight ship over there I will for sure come back. Chad Parsons

Thanks for the tips on the Copy Cad™ Kit. I tried them and got exactly the finish I was looking for. I plated all day and had a great time and had great results. Thank you, Richard Stevens

Just got my gold kit today and I am so pleased. It is easier to use that anyone might think. I'm experimenting with many types of items and ways to plate, it's fantastic. I would recommend that anyone wanting to plate anything give this a try. It is truely the best way to go! - Denise F.

I plated (my MKIV Toyota Supra Ignitor Cover) with Copy Chrome™. The first (attempt) was a failure, but it was because of improper preparation on my part. It is so important to follow the manual to the letter and save yourself some work. After I went back and read the manual from cover to cover (and was successful). - jsmith6027

Thank-you for the response.Your company will always get my business. You guys are the greatest. Thanks again, Dave Chimchirian

This is really an outstanding website. Very easy to navigate and loaded with information. Someone really did a great job with design, layout and content. The "Free How To Buff & Polish Booklet" is a great service to somone new to polishing. Thank You for all the information. Sincerely, FHRoy

After having some weird problems with my Copy Cad setup, I contacted the customer support service here at Caswell. I have to say their responses were first rate, quick and effective. Even when I posted at 8 PM, there was an answer before I went to bed. After some diagnosing, they solved my problem and I am a very satisfied customer. So if there's anyone out there considering a purchase, do it with confidence. This is one company that stands behind their stuff, and they do it well. Kudos, Caswell. You've earned my business for a long, long time. Matt Harwood, Harwood Performance Engineering

I stumbled across Caswell's gas tank epoxy a couple of years ago while needing a solution for my rusty Yamaha motorcycle gas tank. I was told to try Caswell's product instead of other products like Kreem. After preparing the tank as per instructions, mixing the epoxy, and coating the inside of the tank, I was amazed to later find a clear, hard shell on the inside. I have used that tank for the past two years without complaint or product failure. It is the best product available for this application. Furthermore, I've used it 2 more times since then on rusty bike gas tanks. The more I use it the better the results I get. I haven't had rust in any fuel lines or carbs since the day I treated the tanks. This product is amazing and I constantly rave about it among the biking community, repair shops, and friends. I'll continue to use it and recommend your product. Regards, Ben

Just wanted to say I just used my Copy Chrome™ kit tonight for the first time. I can not tell you how pleased I am! The finish turned out better than I could have imagined. I hope saying this does not catch up with me HEHE. Can't wait till tomorrow to do some projects with this. Thanks Caswell

I used this kit (black oxide) last night, I was very impressed with the results, easy, fast, and great looking finish on a bunch of industrial finish tools I am selling on ebay. Thx. Dennis

Thanks very much for your detailed suggestions regarding the buffing of a porcelain tub. I already have the spiral sewn wheel and white compound, and have just ordered the glass polishing kit. I was looking for an excuse to order it anyway. Your company has proven to be invaluable in my various restoration efforts, and I have recommended you to all my friends. It's very liberating not to have to search all over and pay insane markups to get polished nickel hardware! Now I just get brass and plate it myself. This has already paid for my brush-plating kit several times over. Sincerely, Rob Spencer

Doing faucets in PNP Copy Chrome & was impressed with the finish. Polished with Brasso by hand & it took the finish off. I then used the Peek sample and was totally impressed with how well it cleaned and shined. Ordered some this morning. Chris Bryant

After mounting the 3/4 hp machine to the stand and floor, I placed the recommended wheels on the machine. The buffing machine is larger than I expected, and much better well built. It's certainly not a "Sears" special. Very well constructed, designed to dissipate heat and run all day at a perfect RPM of 3400. Your fantastic web site includes the best instructions on getting started. Mind you, I have never done anything like this, and had fears facing this monster machine. As described in the online manual, I started with the proper wheel and compound, then quickly progressed to the next wheel, then the last. In the end (just an hour later) I had taken a 20 year-old aluminum Harley-Davidson shovel-head rocker-arm cover (that was hideous with pock marks and black stains) and had created a beautiful, shining, mirror-like rocker-arm cover. It's so unbelievable that I haven't been able to take a good picture of it yet because it's so bright! I could have purchased new rocker-arm covers (already polished) for my shovel-head for a cost of $348.00. The look, shine, and depth of beauty was not even close to what I accomplished with your help, for much less of the cost of the rocker-arms, and I'm not even close to finishing! Imagine all the money I will save! And the quality that I am producing with your equipment and instruction is better! I'm glad that I purchased a full buffing and polishing kit and machine from you! Now I intend to do the entire engine (show-polish) and transmission, along with a variety of other things. I didn't realize how much fun this was going to be! I could have paid for someone else to do this for me...(a lot of money) but now I'm hooked! I'm having such a great time buffing and polishing, my wife's silverware is next! Again, thank you for the great website, excellent customer service, and great sales support during my purchase process. Not only have I found a new wonderful hobby, but I have found a great company to do business with! I'll be back for more supplies, and to try new things that you recommend! You have become a huge part in my success to rebuilding my 20 year-old bike, and a future hobby. THANK YOU! Jason C. Helmick Interface Technical Training

I recently purchased an acidic solution from you for blackening stainless steel. I must confess, and I'm not Catholic, that I was very skeptical, being a tool-maker for over 40 years and having lots of experience with SST, that your product would perform. Well, I must eat humble pie !! I just used it tonight on a rifle muzzle brake made of 420 SST, and it did exactly what you said it would!! I'm elated with the results. Looking at it now, it's impossible to differentiate it from the blued gun barrel in finish, and if I didn't know it was SST, I'd call you a liar if you told me it was. Believe me, I called several professional gunsmiths looking for something like this, only to be told that it was impossible to blacken SST. They don't know (yet) that it can be done. They will when I'm done though. In fact, if you have fact sheets available for it and care to send me some, I'll be only too happy to pass them out. Thanks a million for being there. Respectfully, Jay R. Smith

What service!!!! Iam so impressed. The felt bobs arrived yesterday and they are great quality plus they have cut my polishing time down to a tenth of what it would take. You've made me a firm believer in "finding it on the web!" Thanks so much. Julie Warren Conn

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I just tried your 1.5 gallon Copy Chrome™ kit on some highly polished brass knobs off an old Harley. They turned out "Awesome". I'm not kidding, they are flawless. To be honest with you I'm trying a little of everybody's tank plating systems and this was by far the easiest to set up for the results achieved. I only put about 25 minutes on with a coat of Wenol. I bolted them to my truck for sort of a weathering test next to some of my triple chrome. Up here in the Dakotas we see extreme heat , cold, salt, ect. It will be interesting to see by spring. I'll keep you posted and thank you for a great product. Terry Ebertowski

As per your suggestion, I dipped the cast iron in the acid & rinsed before plating. I used an 8 amp 6V battery charger and some trailer lights to limit current to about 3-4 amps. It worked! It seems that if you leave the part in the zinc solution too long without any transfer of the zinc, it starts to turn dark grey. The part didn't come out as good as some, but it's acceptable for me. I'll experiment some more with the amperage & see what happens. Thank you very much for your help. Not to sound repetitive but the testimonials on your site are 100% guys have great customer support and don't even mind getting info from your suppliers. Thanks for making my plating experience that much more satisfying! Sincerely, Nick Pone


Last year Caswell Plating sponsored an article in The Hobby Gunsmith Newsletter by providing a Nickel Plating kit. I wanted to follow up with you on the results of that sponsorship. The newsletter has become The Hobby Gunsmith on-line magazine. In the preparation of the initial article, we purchased additional Caswell products that we felt were necessary to show the Nickel plating kit at its best. A metal preparation article was published, then a copper plating article, and finally the nickel plating article. Most of these articles have already been moved to the on-line archive, but one is still in the current edition. This month we will feature an article on your iron oxide solution that we find to be excellent for gun finishing at home. I would like to thank you for your sponsorship of one of these articles through the donation of some materials that were important to the preparation of the articles. I found the quality of your products to be excellent and would be happy to feature additional products if you feel it would be appropriate. Best Regards, Keith T. Chiles Editor, The Hobby Gunsmith

Just had to update you on my progress with the kit. The brush plating works very well and I just tried dip plating and it works even better. This is my first experience with plating and this kit works so well it is unbelievable. For small items you cannot beat it. Thanks for offering such an excellent item. I will be getting more supplies as I need them. Rick Curgian

I'm amazed how well the plating kit works when the surfaces are prepared well. I'm also amazed how reasonable the price for the kit is considering what one gets and how well it works. Thank you for the wonderful product! I've passed my Caswell experience along to friends and co-workers. Rod

I do alot of custom motorcycle work, including powder coating, I've tried ever single brand of (smoke chrome, black chrome, and liquid smoke) on the market, and none of them work. I finally order your Caswell liquid smoke powder. It's the best I've ever seen, You can advertise as the only "real" reflective smoke finish on the market. Keep up the good work. Thanks Matt Zubicki

Thank you!! I just got the hobby gun and the defective one will be in the mail tomorrow.Thank you for your great service. I have never seen service like this. Good job!!! - Jason Salvatore

Thank you for prompt reply and for new knowledge. I made a mistake and got my initial anodize items from a source other than Caswell. However, count me as a loyal new customer of Caswell. I made one small purchase of MaskIt from you, it was sent promptly and the product works as advertised. I needed something to thin it after it had been opened a few times due to the environment I was using it in. I spoke with Craige in tech service, he told me what I needed. The user forum is valuable, the people I have corresponded with on it are good folks and have knowledge about what they are addressing. I have also noticed the Caswell name quite often, glad you and others take an active role in the forums. As I said earlier, count me as a new customer. Thanks once more for the information. Larry Page

Just wanted to let you know of the phenomenal service that the distributors here in Canada have. I am emailing you this because I don't have their email address and hope that you can relay the message to them. I didn't catch the name of the gentleman at Caswell Canada that returned my call and made my order. He helped me with a few questions in a very professional manner and said the items would be shipped out on Monday. (He explained that there was some event to attend - so they were a little busy). I received the package today (Thursday) and made the order on Tuesday. Thank you so much for the kind, quick, and courteous service on your part and theirs in Canada! It is very much appreciated! Francis

I have already tried out the Plug & Plate kit I received Thur. eve. I used it this morning to re-plate a saxophone mouthiece and cap. Before breakfast I achieved remarkable results in a very short time. I am very satisfied with the results of the kit. Thanks again, Rich Ullman

I received my silverplating kit today and used it on a nice 1935 Conn silver plated sax - one key had worn down to the brass. Your kit plated silver on the key, as advertised, and it looks great now. I have several other horns with plating wear - can't wait to tackle them with your plating kit. Thanks Jim Lathers

I restore vintage autos and motorcycles and have bought your big plating kits in the past (nickel plating, etc). I am currently restoring a 1965 Porsche with gold emblems and purchased your $49 kit (Plug N Plate Gold) on EBay and used it to replate the emblems. It took at total of 10 minutes and literally saved me hundreds of dollars by not having to buy new ones. I would like to thank you for your excellent products and if you ever need someone to extoll your products virtues have them contact me! John Jensen

I purchased your glass polishing kit that comes with cerium oxide and a buffing wheel to put into a drill. It worked great. I had an interior door that I was finishing and accidentally slipped with 120 grit sand paper off the wood and scuffed the glass. I taped everything off and worked the polish for about an hour and a half and it looks good. I had the privacy frosting on the back side so that helped. But the kit I purchased from you guys was great. Couldn't be happier. Thanks, Chad

The glass polishing kit worked better than I had expected. I have a wood burning stove and after a period of time the ceramic glass gets cloudy and no amount of cleaning will remove it. The company that makes the stove says there is nothing you can do about this, but they sell new glass and it's not cheap. Using your product was an inexpensive way to try to clear up the glass. It took a while to do, but it looks like a new piece of glass. I have plenty of powder left for more glass work. Thank you again, Myles

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your company. I was easily able to find a product on your web site (your gas tank sealer) that I was unable to locate or purchase elsewhere. You were affordable, and shipped quickly, and was I ever surprised by the quality of your product. Even your packaging was outstanding! The product worked perfectly! Thank you for the catalog, I am sure to use it again and again. You new and extremely satisfied customer, Joseph Masperi

Thank you for your help and technical support. Your website is fantastic. Lots of great technical info for the do-it-yourselfer. Bill Bard

I just wanted to take a minute to say that I have been very pleased with the Caswell products and quick responses I gotten. I am glad to see such a well-run firm supporting the RC Submarine community with excellent products. Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to new and evermore exciting items. Thank you, Rick Nelson

My first order from you came today. You have quick service and great packing. Dave's Sub-Driver is great as well. Very impressed with his work! Will be ordering more from you soon! Keep up the great work. Thank you, Shawn

I love your nickel and copper kits -- they are doing great work for my bicycle parts. Thanks! Joshua Putnam via e-mail

I ordered Evercoat Everglass from you and it works great! I'm very pleased with this product! Thank you for your service! - Mark Harris

Thanks for saving me about $2000 on new alloy Manx (Norton MC) gas tank! Morgan

You have the best web site and ordering procedure I have seen in years. I was amazed at how clean the whole operation was, the communication, and the time to deliver. Very, Very Impressed Thank You, and Kudos to your Web Master Jim Agans

I followed the explicit directions that your team suggested to clean the tank and remove the old Kreme liner. Then, following the directions, I mixed up half the gas tank sealer product (12 oz total) and swished it around in the tank in all directions for about 15 minutes and let it drain. There was only a small dribble that came out. When the coating reached 'tacky', I mixed up the rest of the material and swished it around in the same manner. This time only about 4 ounces drained out. The dribble that had drained out before had set up - I am impressed. That stuff is hard as a rock. The 4 ounces that I drained into a paint mixing cup is even more impressive - it too is hard as a rock and virtually impervious. My tank is built such that it is nearly impossible to dump anything out of the fill neck - the neck extends into the tank. Therefore, I had to drain the tank through the outlet. In so doing, the buildup of material in the outlet closed off the opening to the point that I couldn't install the petcock and supply tube. A large drill bit and slow speed motor augured the gummy material out in perfect fashion. I won't be putting gas in it for quite some time; but so far, I am most impressed. Thanks again Regards Terry Behne

I was doing some brass plating on an antique clock that I was restoring and it turned out beautiful! I had gotten an estimate from a plating company for $60 each on these small pieces before I discovered your website. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but now I am sold on the idea of electroplating. I have ordered the nickel plating solution and wand to replate some pocketwatches I have and also some Big Ben alarm clocks. I was told I could use the same power supply that came in my brass plugnplate kit.Trust me the next plating I do I will take before and after pictures and post them on your website! Thanks a million, Jack Wages

The Zinc Kit works fine. I'm very happy with the results. I would say it's the first time I ever bought a kit that allowed me to setup and do what they said it would. Thank You! It's really a great kit. I've got a 1983 Mercedes I'm restoring, and until I found your site I was fretting about all the nasty parts I couldn't find replacements for. Now people are asking me where I got the "new" stuff! Amazing isn't it? Some of the stuff was really simple little things like air cleaner snaps, but you can't replace them, at least not with new. I have new now, with your kit! Bruce Wilbur Wilco Control Service

I received my order for your gas tank sealer. I used it previously on an old motorcycle with a rusted out, leaky tank and it worked perfectly. No leaks after over 3 years of use. I sold that bike and now bought another old one, also with a leaky tank. Your product will fix it. It is the best gas tank sealer on the market. I am very happy with your product.

I bought your nickel plating kit some years ago, and a refill recently. Craige helped me with a few problems, thanks. I restore antique barrel organs. Usually the trim pieces are polished brass, but on this one all the decorative parts were nickel plated over brass. The corner pieces are new and all the others are original but they all came out beautifully with your Plug N Plate® kit. Thanks again for your help.

Just like Caswell told me, the 10 inch treated vented buff and 10 inch loose buff matched up perfectly to the one extra of each I had from my previous order, so now I have a spare set of cut and color buffs for when I wear out the ones Iąm currently using on my Baldor buffer. I cannot express how pleased I am with Caswelląs service, professionalism, and products. Everything, from the products, to the very fast shipment, to the follow-up to make sure I was satisfied with my purchases, to the rapid response to my queries, has been nothing short of outstanding. Caswell has earned my business, and in the future, should I have a requirement for anything Caswell stocks, I will look no further than Caswell to have that requirement met. Thank you very much for your great products, your service after the sale, and your professionalism. Henry Labiche

We do major modifications to gas-tanks, welding relocation of gas gaps, fuel outlets etc. Used to use POR-15 until 2 tanks failed, in recent months. The cost of the rework was $1500 due to the failure of the sealant not sealing the welds. Caswell has stepped in and will be our new product for all tank liners where welding and general tank sealing is required in all of our future projects, because a rework on a top quality show bike simply is not an option. Mick Cassidy Badasspaint, Hawthorne, CA

Just wanted to let you know how terrific this product is and how well it works, and easy to use. WOW. I had been using Red-Kote and Kreem, and this product is far superior in very way. Thank you. John King

I bought your PNP kit and felt that i really needed to drop you a line about it. Very seldom have I bought anything that has worked exactly as advertised. Needless to say that when i first used your PNP nickel kit I was awestruck as to how easy it was to use and how professional the results came out. I am still amazed as how great this kit is! I can't stop telling my friends about it and showing them the results! I have also used the copy chrome over the nickel plate and it has come out as nice as if i had taken it to a professional plater. I am a WWII reenactor ( and i restore equipment from WWII, so when it came to repairing something that had worn plating i could do nothing. That is until I found your PNP kit. Now i can restore the equipment back to the way it was when it rolled off of the factory floor. I would recommend your kit to anyone, anytime. I also bought the 1.5 gallon traditional plating kit, although i have not had a chance to use it yet. I am going to be restoring a 1924 Victrola and will replate the parts using the traditional plating kit. I will send you pics when it is finished. Thanks again for such a great product!!! Gary Oprendek T4/SGT and webmaster The 9th Division WWII Historical Preservation Society