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Illusions Metallic Powder Coating

With the blink of an eye, a turn of the head, a step forwards or back……what was red might be gold, what was blue now purple, what was green now becomes a bronze.

Sparkling, jewel like colors, which fascinate the mind. Visually illusive, these products change color before your very eyes! Like magic, they transform any object into something dazzling. Illusion products are designed as a minimum two-coat process. A base coat, preferably high gloss polyester is applied and followed by a top coat of Illusion. Multiple coats of the Illusion products and colors may be applied to create different visual effects.

Blacks and darker colors tend to enhance the Illusion products by adding depth and richness to the color. While most of the light is transmitted, a small proportion is reflected. On dark, especially black bases, the pigments reveals a distinct reflected color because most of the incident light is absorbed. The wavelength of the reflected light changes continuously with the viewing angle (a phenomenon known as color flop). For instance you will see colors changing form green to blue, gold to bluish green, and copper-red to green.

The observed color is always the result of the Illusion color mixing between the base color and the reflected color of the product. When the Illusion is applied to lighter base coats such as white, there is less reflection resulting in less noticeable color changes and appears almost as pearlescent. On light colored substrates, only a slight iridescence or a reduced color effect is visible because the base reflects most of the incoming light back through the transparent pigments. Creativeness is a must with these products and there are endless possibilities.

These professional quality, virgin powders ensure high quality results. Now In Five Convenient and Cost Effective Sizes.

Note: Due to monitor color limitations, all colors are approximate.

Powders are sold in 8oz, 1 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb and 10 lb containers. If you want the 8oz product, order that item, otherwise order by the pound (enter the # of pounds required in the quantity box. Price will reflect unit sizes below.

Coverage is 30-50 sq ft per pound of powder.

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