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Hard Chrome Plating Kits

Hard Chrome Plating Kit

Chrome plating can be used for two purposes:

  1. Hard Chrome Plate
    • Usually used to build up shafts or areas on steel that are subject to severe wear. The hard chrome plating process can take several hours to build up. The procedure is discussed extensively in The Complete Plating Manual, paying particular attention to the hard tipping of cutting tools.
  2. Decorative Chrome Plate
    • Most chrome plate is considered 'decorative'. It is a very thin layer, approx. 1/100th the thickness of a human hair, which is applied over a NICKEL plate. Chrome offers NO corrosion resistance, as it is porous, so the nickel does all the protection. The chrome merely gives the nickel a 'blue' look, and stops it tarnishing. Decorative chrome plate can be considered a 'clear coat' over the nickel 'paint job'. This chrome plating kit is NOT capable of decorative chrome plating. If you are interested in decorative chroming, you'll likely want to purchase our Triple Chrome Plating Kit.

Hard Chrome Plating is often used in industry to build up areas that are subject to wear, pistons, firearms and golf club heads. The anodes are shaped, or "conformed" to the part being plated, to assure an even plate.

Hard Chrome plating requires large amounts of DC current (approx 2 amps per square inch). This makes the larger operations more impractical for the smaller workshop.

You can chrome plate with a 6 or 12 volt battery, or charger, but if larger parts are involved, you may need to use 2 batteries. The higher amperage required can also be controlled by the inexpensive construction of a 'salt water rheostat', a device made from a plastic tank, some salty water and 2 metal plates. Full instructions are in the Complete Plating Manual.

Acid mist is produced during the chrome plating process from the vigorous action of the higher current used. This mist could be compared to dropping several 'Alka Seltzers' into water, and needs to be controlled by either making a small fume hood, (a cooking stove hood is ideal) or wearing a respirator fitted with 'Acid Gas' cartridges. Fume Control Balls and chemical mist suppressant are supplied with the kit to reduce this problem.

The Chrome Crystals supplied with the kit contain sufficient chrome to plate over 1000 square feet of chrome plate per gallon of made up solution. You should never need to replace this material. The Chrome is removed from the Chromic Acid solution, and the anodes are not sacrified. It is unnecessary to replace these anodes.

Not available to residents of California unless an appropriate permit has been obtained.

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