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Anodizing Kits

Anodizing Kits

A revolution in Small Scale Anodizing!

Provides a durable anodized surface - which can easily be dyed.

Simple to operate - Predictable consistent results

Low Current Density means – Inexpensive power source

Low Current Density means – No heat buildup in the tank

VERY dilute chemical requirement – Environmentally friendly

No fumes – SAFER in confined areas

Fully Expandable - Kits can be made bigger by obtaining larger plastic containers

Conforms to Mil Spec A 8625 F

Read How To Use This Product (PDF - 1.9MB) (These instructions are included in the manual)

View The Instructional DVD

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What Is Anodize?
At this stage of the process the film has microscopic pores (see picture left) which have to be sealed (or 'fixed') by dipping the part into sealer for 15 minutes. The part may be colored prior to boiling by simply soaking in our range of professional anodizing dyes. An almost infinite range of colors can be produced by mixing the dyes together.
The most exciting part of aluminum anodizing, is without doubt, experimenting with the amazing array of colors and effects one can produce, with a little practice and skill. The metal can be pretreated in a variety of ways, polished, scratch brushed etc., the anodize film grown, and then the colors applied prior to sealing the anodize surface, permanently locking the colors into the metal. The system is ideal for paint ball guns, model aircraft parts, and prototype work. The manual and DVD discuss the numerous techniques for dyeing, including multicolor, ‘splash’ dyeing, silk screen printing, air brush spraying etc.

Anodizing Colors

Anodizing Color Wheel Each kit is supplied with a color wheel. Dyes can be mixed together to create a host of different colors. The dyes are in concentrated liquid form, a 4oz bottle makes up 2 gals of ready to use dye. To make up different colors, we suggest that you make up the colors to the correct dilution first, then take a quantity of each dye and blend them together. A color chart can be seen here.

Anodized aluminum has a very durable surface that is unaffected by weather and many chemicals. The surface will resist high temperatures, even a blowtorch, for short periods.

The issue of safety whilst anodizing is addressed by the use of plastic fume balls and a chemical mist suppressant, both of which float on the surface of the anodizing tank. During operation, no dangerous fumes are evident. Anodize Fume Suppressant may also be used on any sulfuric acid electro-stripping or etching tanks.

Don't rely on mist suppressants entirely, they ALL break down eventually. Fume balls are permanent and they help control heat loss & evaporation, maintaining a more even tank temperature. Don't settle for kits that don't come with fume balls.

Anodizing Sealant. This is the product the commercial anodizers use. Add only 1 oz per gal of distilled water, and heat to boil for 15-20 mins. 1lb pack makes 16 gals solution.

Aluminum De-Oxidizer & De-Smut. This is the product the commercial anodizers use, a liquid concentrate, added to distilled water, to make a pre-anodize dip which de-smuts, removes unwanted materials such as copper, silicone & magnesium and prepares the metal for immediate anodizing. This is useful on alloys prone to smutting when placed into the anodizing tank. (Usually found on many Japanese motorcycle parts.) Aluminum De-Oxidizer & De-Smut is a chrome-free liquid de-oxidizer for a wide range of alloys. It operates at room temperature and is also an excellent de-oxidizer for aluminum alloys prior to chromating.

Anodize & Chrome Stripper is a super fast commercial grade stripper. It outperforms all others in speed and quality. Does not attack the aluminum. 1 lb makes 3 gallons.

A reliable source of high quality battery acid can be obtained from NAPA AUTO STORES. See NAPA Online for a store near you.

Battery acid makes up ALL types of anodizing baths (just add distilled water). No need to carry different solutions for different anodizing tasks.

Buying quality battery acid locally saves shipping hazardous materials and HAZMAT charges. It costs next to nothing, so much larger setups can be produced at minimum cost, and if you contaminate the tank, it is inexpensive to replace, unlike pre-made solutions.

Contains Hazardous Goods. Shipping restrictions apply. Ground shipping only to the Continental USA. Please call +1 315 946 1213 or contact us for rates to other locations.


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