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Buffing and Polishing Supplies

How Do You Use These Things? Take A Look At Our How To Buff & Polish Booklet.

Buffing Wheels

Flexible Shafts

Peek Polish

Glare Products

Flitz Polish

Felt Bobs

Wheel Rake

Abrasive Wheels

Polishing/Cleaning Cloths

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If you're confused about which wheel and compound you need for your job, use our Pick-A-Buff Helper.

Buffing Wheels

Best Sellers:

Buffing Wheels

Aluminum Polishing Kit

3/4 HP Buffing Kit

Spiral Sewn Cotton Wheels

Denim Buffs

Buffing Kits

Buffing Machines

Baldor Buffing Machines - Made In USA

Standard Buffing Compound

Buffing Wheel Cleaners

Greaseless Compounds

Liquid Polishes

Specialized Buffing Compound